Thinking Differently

Our approach is to focus and empower our team.

We understand the significance of paying attention to even the smallest details, while encouraging innovation and emphasising accountability.

We value actions over words, and we fulfill commitments within the given timeline. Instead of dwelling on problems, we prioritise finding solutions. We foster a positive outlook, preferring to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. Honesty and transparency are highly valued, and we acknowledge our mistakes without any sugar-coating.

We avoid politics and prioritise humility and respect. We believe in the power of teamwork and rely on each other to achieve our goals. We are answerable only to ourselves as the masters of our own destiny. We have no interest in mining norms – we seek to challenge and innovate but still to be honest and transparent. We have no external stakeholders like a bank to determine our plans or the actions we should take.

The values that drive us

We aspire to become an employer and counterpart of choice. We treat others as we expect to be treated ourselves in all that we do. “Our word is our bond” is not a cliché at Aurenne; it is ingrained in our DNA.


We conduct ourselves with the highest possible level of professionalism in all we do, and seek to do.

Caring for our people

We ensure anyone who works with us feels cared for, encouraged, and valued, be that in their work or personal lives.

Respect for our environment and heritage

We conduct ourselves with the utmost respect for our environment, and the heritage and sustainability values that must attach to our common land.

Encouraging excellence

We encourage excellence with all those we engage, be it personal performance, technological development, or social norms and values.

Listening for change

We don't hold a mortgage on the best ideas and actively seek the opinion of our team on things we could do better. Our future success depends on our engagement with open thought.

Exceptional governance

For the benefit of all those we interact with, having exceptional governance and the highest of ethical standards is the heartbeat of Aurenne. Anything less is never acceptable.

Our people are the key to our success.

At Aurenne Group Mining, employment is far more than just a job.
Sure we pay good salaries, have an attractive incentive scheme, and have state-of-the-art facilities; however, the real point of difference is the Aurenne ‘Family’ culture which we are able to create amongst our team members by aligning your work and lifestyle goals with our success.