Rewarding Differently

Time is the most valuable commodity in your working life.

Spend that time wisely at a project that provides longevity and challenge.

Unfortunately, many companies fail to appreciate the significance of your time. You could switch between six different employers in six years and still receive the same salary and bonus without any acknowledgment for the time invested. However, at Aurenne, we do things differently.

After completing a minimum of two years of service, we offer a program that is accessible to all new employees, which provides an opportunity to earn an ownership interest in the projects and resources on the site.
We understand that sacrificing time with loved ones can be tough, and we appreciate the time you dedicate to our company as a valuable team member. As an owner of the projects, you will benefit from a sense of ownership that aligns with the company’s goals, and you will have the opportunity to derive tangible value from the time spent with us.

Current vacancies

Below are a range of positions currently open. If they look appropriate for you or someone you know, we would love to hear from you. Joining Aurenne may be one of the best career decisions you will ever make!

Fixed Plant Maintenance Supervisor
Processing Plant Superintendent

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