Operating Differently

We operate like a high performance sports team.

We strive to create a conducive environment for high performance, and have built a quality operation where being part of the team is an important component of the work experience.

In pursuit of new projects, we invest in new equipment and go beyond a mere camp setup by establishing a self-sufficient village. Our facilities include the Bottle Creek Inn, Ida’s Kitchen, Spotted Dog Deck, Boudie Rat Gym, as well as sports courts and playing fields.

We value the 29 days of work as much as the one day of rest, and our workshops and tool storage areas are organised with unparalleled efficiency. You won’t find another workplace that operates quite like ours. We even have an airstrip that serves to reduce travel time.

Our village facilities

High performing teams require high performance facilities and that is precisely what we offer. Whether that is chatting with colleagues in the Bottle Creek Inn after a long day, or simple things like retiring to bed with a comfortable pillow, our focus is to provide an environment to enable our team to perform.
The Bottle Creek Inn is our on-site pub, offering booth and high top seating, pool tables, and an indoor-outdoor bar. It's the perfect sanctuary for unwinding after work, with worldwide sports coverage and stunning sunset views. Come and see for yourself!
Ida's Kitchen, our dining facility, offers elevated bush views and themed nights showcasing local cuisine. From Sorrento to Serengeti, we provide an enjoyable and diverse dining experience to make your stay with us fun and interesting!
‘The Spotty’ is the enclosed outside bar of the Bottle Creek Inn, with screened area (to keep the pests at bay), exterior TVs, and a homely fireplace. Enjoy some quiet time after work or refreshing views to start your day ahead.
No need to panic if you forgot your toothbrush, deodorant or any other essentials... Tim's Find Market has got your back, with a fully stocked store that will make calling home in a panic for forgotten items a thing of the past!
Forest cabins make up our village rooms, organised into streets with stunning vistas. Each cabin has air conditioning, TV, separate bathroom and verandah. Whether you experience staying in ‘Sorrento’ or ‘Bora Bora’, it's a dream destination to unwind in comfort.
Who says working out has to be boring? Our awesome gym is perfect for high-performing teams with new equipment, sports field views, and a basketball court to get your endorphins pumping and ensure your physical and mental wellbeing.

What our people say