See why we’re different.

The Aurenne Difference

Were you expecting to see photos of a mine site? Pictures of drill rigs, pits, trucks – like every other mining website you visit? Not here… we can show you them, but we see other differentiators as more important when you stop on our site.

Curious about who we are? Simply put – at Aurenne we’re just different.

We accept our company information is not easy to find – but that’s the way we like it.

We’re not a listed company on the ASX grabbing headlines to satisfy the latest market trends. Our management have no share price to cause sleepless nights. Neither are we an exploration junior that’s perennially underfunded and always struggling for the next dollar. You will not find us in the media pages attempting to convince others of the strength of our business – that’s just not us. Self-promotion is not part of our DNA. We hope we’re more than that.

What we are is a well-funded private company which leaves us in a strong position as the masters of our own destiny. It is that flexibility which affords us the freedom to think differently, operate differently and reward differently.

What our people say

Are you different?